A few questions with Fashion Journal

A few questions with Fashion Journal
I was pleasantly surprise when Fashion Journal asked me to answer a few questions about Palytte. Here is a preview of the article.

“Our collections are filled with unique and versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from one occasion to another.”

With its artful layers, clashing colours and penchant for comfortable sneakers, Copenhagen’s eclectic fashion scene is a street-style mainstay. But before our feeds were filled with Ganni-esque embellished denim trenchcoats and bows everywhere, it was all about minimalism.

In the depths of COVID lockdown, Northern Rivers designer Kate Harbinson turned to Pinterest for creative inspiration. “After seeing a lot of beige, white and linen pieces at the time, it made me want to create something different,” she says. She launched her label, Palytte, in 2021, inspired by the “streets of Copenhagen and the people that walk them”.

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