'Inspired by the essence of Copengahen's vibrant streets and the people that walk them'

Palytte began in 2021, operating out of a small suburban garage on the beautiful eastern coastline of the Gold Coast, Australia. Founder Kate designed and manufactured each and every Palytte garment, transporting her brand vision from a colourful dream into a colourful reality. Since then, she has made the move to manufacturing both locally and off-shore by ethically verified manufacturers.

We stand to insight an exploration of self expression, creativity and personal evolution. We seek to enhance your personal aesthetic through style and design, creating authentic pieces that are aligned with your identity and designed to remain a permanent go-to piece in all of your style revolutions. 

Yet the Palytte philosophy isn’t just to paint your wardrobe with colour and personality. Our core belief is that reducing the negative impact we have on our planet is a communal effort, achieved through both collectively and individually taking responsibility for our environmental footprint. 

We do our bit by meticulously sourcing ecologically conscious and sustainable fabric, partnering only with socially responsible and community-based suppliers and manufacturers who share our ethos of conscious fashion, and remaining completely committed to brand transparency at every step of our journey. 

'We are Palytte, you are the art'