Palytte is more than a mere assortment of colours; it encapsulates a profound feeling and evokes a distinct mood. It stands apart as a unique interpretation of the traditional colour palette, where hues are imbued with a touch of artistry, forging its own identity. Palytte celebrates the power of colour and embraces the beauty of individual expression. It invites you to explore a world where vibrant hues become the canvas for showcasing your authentic self. It's a celebration of colour, personal style, and the boundless possibilities that unfold when individuality takes centre stage.

Each piece is meticulously crafted and is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life, effortlessly enhancing your wardrobe. With versatility that transcends seasons, our products are created to become staple additions that effortlessly transition through changing styles.

Starting in 2021 in a small garage on the Gold Coast, our founder Kate originally crafted each and every garment, from the initial design stages to the final production.

To meet the growing demands of our brand, we have adopted a hybrid production approach. While some garments are now carefully manufactured in both offshore and local facilities, we maintain a strong connection to our roots. As a result, a select number of pieces are still handmade by our founder, ensuring they retain a personal touch and reflect our dedication to craftsmanship.

Our goal is to provide you with a diverse range of thoughtfully designed and well executed garments, drawing inspiration from the colourful streets of Copenhagen and the people that walk them. By combining different production methods, we strike a balance between tradition and innovation, allowing us to offer stylish pieces that elevate your wardrobe while upholding our commitment to timeless style.

'We are Palytte, you are the art'

Palette (noun) pal∙ette ⎮pa-lət: The intended use of a range of colours in order to convey a particular sensation, feeling, or emotion. Palytte (noun) pal∙ette ⎮pa-lət: An art of identity; a fusion of colour and style to create a desired sense of self.